Spanish NGO for Development Cooperation in Nepal

We are a Spanish NGO for Development Cooperation that contributes to the eradication of poverty and to the protection of human rights in Nepal. Fortunately, we have excellent local organizations with which we work with a sustainable approach to empowerment. In the end, they are the agents of change. Today, the situation of children in Nepal is worrying and that is why we have focused on guaranteeing their rights. In addition, we are working to relieve those affected by the earthquakes of 2015 and we are currently conducting gender awareness workshops in areas most affected by the disaster.

After the earthquakes we got this

Volunteering Responsible

Volunteering is a great responsibility. A volunteer experience will have a big impact on your life and learn a lot, of course. But you also have an important impact on the local people that you convivas and interact during your volunteering, and it is important that this impact is beneficial to both parties, not negative.

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